About A Webmaster - What You Need To Know

The 7 Secret Duties Of A Webmaster

August 1, 2005

The title of webmaster covers a broad spectrum these days. If you browse through job listings, you'll find that many companies have moved away from this title altogether because it is so generic. Companies now use more specific titles such as web designer, web developer, information architect, etc...

When most people hear the word webmaster, the definition that most often comes to mind is someone who creates websites. This is certainly true, but it only describes a fraction of a webmaster's duties and only still describes that fraction superficially. So what is involved in being a webmaster? More than most people realize. Let's have a look at a webmaster's basic job and then examine the 7 secret duties of a webmaster closer.

With tools like Microsoft Frontpage and Macromedia Dreamweaver available on the market, it would seem to suggest that making a website is no longer a specialized skill requiring a professional webmaster. But there are reasons why tools like dreamweaver are not the best tools to use. Aside from this point, there are other issues to consider. A website is More than a collection of web pages, it's a complex document that requires a thorough understanding of basic webmaster principles to work well.

There's a great deal of thought that has to go into the overall scope and structure of a website before any HTML is ever written. Once they understand the site as a whole, a webmaster can begin basic page design. The site structure must come first because it influences page design heavily, particularly a page's menu design. The site's content then needs to be incorporated into the website's basic template. Though the actual work of adding the content is often done last, content must be sketched out and drafted early on as it also has an influence on page design.

Now that you've had a brief introduction on the basic duties of a webmaster we're ready to look at some of their other duties. Let's go through seven major duties a webmaster undertakes but most people don't know about.

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