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Making Automation Work for You

December 4, 2005

Automation is everywhere. It surrounds us, it binds us... No wait, I'm thinking of something else...

Seriously though, automation is found throughout the modern world. From the simplest of toasters that pops your toast and shuts itself off when your toast is ready to a cutting edge automotive plant that houses hundreds of robots that assemble, weld and paint new cars, automation is something that can work to our advantage. While toasters and automotive plants are fine examples of mechanical automation, we webmasters work in a virtual world. A robot that can spot weld sheet metal is not going to do us a lot of good.

Rather than hardware automation, webmasters need to automate software. The entire premise behind automation for a webmaster is that computers, much like their robotic counterparts, are very good at executing a pre-determined set of instructions over and over, executing these instructions exactly the same each time. Human beings on the other hand, are really not well suited for these kinds of duties. People get distracted, tired, bored and will eventually stop working in order to eat or sleep. Computers can run for very long periods of time without interruption or distraction. This means that while they can perform their tasks precisely, they can also perform them on an ongoing basis.

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