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Content Management System

December 4, 2005

What does all of this mean for you the webmaster? It means that you can save yourself a lot of work and avoid a lot of mistakes if you invest some time and effort into developing automated processes. But not all tasks can be automated. Some things need a human touch. The first thing you should do is evaluate which tasks can be automated. The first tasks you should consider automating are any tasks that you are currently doing on a regular basis. Any task that you perform on a daily, weekly or monthly basis should be on your short list.

One of the most common tasks that most webmasters perform is updating content on their website. If you spend any amount of time updating your website, this should be the first task you consider automating. The most common solution to automating this process is to use a content management system (CMS). There are many options available ranging from a commercial CMS, an open source CMS or some people will even build their own CMS. Regardless of which approach you take, you need to find a solution that's going to make your task easier. Updating content can mean different things to different people, make sure your content management system works best for what you do.

It's important to note that a content management system isn't for everyone. Before you dive in head-first, you should carefully evaluate your situation. Remember that the goal of automation is long-term return on investment. Therefore it makes sense to spend ten hours developing something that will same you five minutes every day for well over a year (365 days * 5 min = 30+ hours saved). But it doesn't make sense to spend ten hours if it will only save you an hour of work every year. Be smart about your time, it's the most valuable thing you have.

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