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Blog Pros And Cons

October 11, 2006

Now that we've established that the two formats are technically interchangeable, how can you determine which format is best for you?

We'll need to look at the social factors involved in each of these formats. Each one has its own set of benefits and expectations that you must consider.

A blog has advantages when it comes to writing. Blog readers expect a more relaxed form of language, allowing authors to write in a much more casual tone than they would if they were writing an article. For most authors, this is much easier. It's also acceptable to discuss topics or ideas that are not fully developed yet. The temporal nature of blogging makes it easier to write a brief introduction with a promise to deliver more later.

The major disadvantage of a blog is that blog audiences tend to expect more frequent updates than article based audiences. Since this i san audience expectation issue, it can be managed. If you website is useful to your audience and maintains a regular schedule of posts, you can train your audience to only expect a new post whenever your schedule dictates. For this to work properly, your content will have to be compelling and you will have to stick to your schedule closely.

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