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Article Pros And Cons

October 11, 2006

The article based website has largely opposing pros and cons when compared to a blog. For example, most audiences expect a more polished, professional writing style. This doesn't mean you can't write in a casual manner if you're writing an article. What I'm suggesting is that all things being equal, same author, same topic, etc... a person reading both blog and article will generally hold the article to a higher standard of writing.

Article readers also expect a complete work. Part of a blog reader's experience is that of putting together a puzzle with only short blog posts as individual pieces. But someone reading an article has an expectation of reading a completed work. The article must be able to stand on its own in order to satisfy readers.

Both these reader expectations definitely increase your overhead when it comes to writing, but there is one final expectation that balances things out. Due to the expectation of a higher standard of writing and complete, finished work, article audiences are more forgiving when it comes to their expectations of publication frequency. Whereas blog audiences expect a new post every day or two, article audiences are very comfortable waiting longer, up to a week, between articles. This extra time will allow you to spend more effort improving the quality of your writing and tidy up loose ends to ensure complete articles.

To summarize, most content based websites can be represented in a blog format or an article based format. Either one is equally technologically feasible. The major difference lies in the expecations that each format brings about. Know your audience, and make a choice that will work best for them.

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