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A Custom CMS Isn't That Hard

July 11, 2005

So now you have a choice of two general methods of converting the content from your database into web pages. For the About A Webmaster website, the script that writes out to the file system is the best choice (at the time of writing) because we currently have no user feedback elements on the site and articles are only published every few weeks. But if we look at PHPBB, a popular bulletin board system, we can see that they've opted for the on demand database query method. This works best for them because they need all the data to be displayed as soon as it's entered.

There you have it. A simple, custom content management system is something you can build yourself. They key to building it is to remember to keep your scope narrow. Leave the broad scope for people who are distributing their CMS. Build this for yourself. Depending on your level of experience with databases and web programming, a system such as the one described here can easily be developed over a weekend. By investing this time, your website will become more manageable, more consistent and you will have a much easier time deploying site-wide changes.

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