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June 9, 2009
So if we already have cloud computing in the web world, what’s the big deal? What we have in the web world is a fairly small and rigid version of cloud computing. You’ll see from host to host a range of about 3-5 different packages at various monthly prices. You’ll likely also have noticed that the numbers in most web hosting packages far exceed anything you ever expect to use up. The reason is that the industry has simply increased bandwidth/disk space/etc… rather bring down the cost, even when the numbers went way above what was reasonable. If you’re asking why, the simple answer is profit margins. In the hosting industry, they’re normally lean, so making a lean margin off of $20/month isn’t great but it’s much better than making a lean margin off of $2/month. Only huge wholesalers have been able to offer very low pricing due to their high volume. The crux of it all is that you’re packed into a pretty rigid box when you subscribe to a hosting package. Want more bandwidth in exchange for less storage space? Not going to happen. You’re just going to have to upgrade. That doesn’t matter much though since any website worth its beans should end up moving away from a shared solution and onto a dedicated server at some point. Once you make that move you’ll then have moved beyond the small amount of cloud computing currently offered in the web development world and you will find yourself very much in the old days of running your own box except that it’s out in some server room somewhere.
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