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Future Is Bright, Present Is Dim

June 9, 2009
So that was a great build-up and teardown of a technology thatís going to shift things in the web development world. Whatís the final conclusion? My personal conclusion is that weíre approaching the tipping point, but weíre not quite there when it comes to the average webmaster being able to truly leverage cloud technology beyond what currently exists with hosted packages. Itís essentially a matter of time before someone big makes a significant move into this realm. Itís a little uncharted right now because itís going to be halfway between Amazonís offerings and a traditional hosted solution. The tricky part will be the fact Amazon leverages the fact that power computing has all kinds of peaks and valleys that ultimately offset themselves and if they donít, itís just a computing scheduling problem. Cloud web hosting will require persistent listening (web server), persistent IPs and will have peaks and valleys that synchronize more than they offset. Then thereís that pesky peak demand issue. You canít just defer computing time for a web request the same way you can for a batch processing job thatís expected to take three days to complete. These are tough challenges to overcome, but if you consider the money and control thatís at stake, the great rewards will eventually push someone into the arena. When that time rolls around, the first carrot to draw webmasters will be cost savings, but cloud computing has so much more potential than simple cost reduction. It will let you think big without worrying about hosting issues. Ultimately itís about allowing you to focus on your website and not on your web hosting.
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