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Backing Up Your Future

November 13, 2005

The final part of your website for which you're going to have to develop a disaster recovery plan includes all of the things you need for future development of your website. This list of items can become even more diverse and abstract than what we've already discussed. Once again, you'll have to do a lot of reflection upon what this means for you and your website. But I can give you a few examples though to help get you started.

The key to planning your future has always been understanding your past. With that in mind, your web log file becomes an important consideration as it holds all kinds of valuable data with regards to the past performance of your website. While backing up your full website logs is an ideal scenario, this may not be practical for you due to the size of your log files. If this is the case, you should back up all of your web statistics summary data. Just remember that there is far more information in your full website logs than your summary data. Make sure you understand what you're sacrificing before cutting your full logs out of your disaster recovery plan.

Beyond your log files, you'll need any other materials you use for developing your website. This may include documents on your computer where you've written out plans or perhaps paper files regarding your business. For example, I write article ideas on the last page of a book I carry with me. Though not critical to this website's future, it is still very important. From time to time, I type out the list of ideas to a file on my computer which then falls under the same backup scheme as the rest of my digital files.

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