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Backup Media

November 13, 2005

Now that you've identified all of the files you need to back up, how are you going to do it? There are a number of options out there. Some are expensive and complicated, but very flexible (tape backup system) while others are cheap, simple, but limited (DVD writer). For most webmasters, a simple DVD writer along with some automated scripts can create an efficient and effective method of backing up your digital files. Automating your backup process is important though because over time, unless you are exceptionally disciplined, you will make mistakes, take shortcuts and eventually give up your backup system altogether because it takes too much of your time and effort. Invest the initial overhead, write some scripts to make your backups a one step task.

A good disaster recovery plan will help ensure that your website can survive unforeseen events that might otherwise destroy your hard work. Make sure that you include in your plan all things relating to your website's past, present and future. Finally automate the tasks to allow you to rest easy knowing that your hard work is safe.

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