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Is It A Bad Idea To Use Dreamweaver?

August 21, 2004

I was asked a simple question today (it's always the simple ones that make you think). "Is it a bad idea to use Dreamweaver?" Now I don't use Dreamweaver (or any other graphical web program like Frontpage, GoLive, etc.), I actually avoid it like the plague. But the question wasn't whether of not I like using it, which has a quick answer, but rather is it a bad idea to use it.

Dreamweaver helps you design web pages visually, so you don't need to work with source code, or even know HTML in fact. The end product will look identical if a good webmaster produced both a hand coded version and a Dreamweaver generated page. The end user would not know the difference.

Then why would you do things the hard way when the user won't notice any difference? The answer, as is often the case, lies beneath the surface. You see although you can make web pages with Dreamweaver, we start loosing out when it comes to the web site level.

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