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Writing Style

November 21, 2005

After having someone else review your work, you may find that there are certain elements within your writing style that you're not sure how to improve. For these problems, you can always head down to your local library or book store to find a book on the mechanics of writing. These books can be invaluable, but can fall short if your problem lies in with your style.

To help remedy issues with your writing style, the best suggestion I can offer is to read, read and then read some more. You should read what others in your field are writing, read off-topic material, read newspapers, magazines and novels. Through all of it, focus on how the authors are conveying their message rather than the message itself. Find style elements that others are using and apply them to your own writing.

Finally, I urge you to be patient with your editing. Poor editing can make the best idea difficult to understand, and ultimately invisible. Good editing will allow readers to clearly understand the thoughts and ideas you're trying to convey. Don't let hasty editing be an obstacle to success. Practice the skill and make time for it, you won't regret it.

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