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7 Steps to Improving an Existing Website

June 11, 2005

So you want to improve your existing website? Maybe you've just been hired to fill a vacant webmaster position. Or perhaps you've just bought someone else's website. In either case, you may be asking yourself, "What do I do now? How do I get started?" Read on to discover the seven steps to improving an existing website.

Speaking from experience, taking over the webmaster duties for an established site is a very exciting and challenging task. Having pre-existing traffic, links, content, etc... provides you with a great head start on the work you need to do, but it gives you something else of value. This website can give you a great deal of information and insight into this website's audience on day one. This type of information can take months to gather if you are building a website from scratch.

Having all of this information available can also be slightly overwhelming. You will quickly see many things you will want to change, so many that the sheer volume of them can make the task seem very intimidating. This article will help to focus your efforts, breaking this immense task into seven easy to follow steps.

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