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Increasing Website Traffic

August 22, 2005

We all want to increase traffic to our website. It's why we create websites in the first place. Whether you're trying to sell more widgets, generate more advertising revenue or just get your message out to a broader audience, increasing your website traffic is by far the most obvious way to do it.

Unfortunately, obvious and easy don't often cross paths. Increasing traffic to your website is not always the easiest way to achieve the goals detailed above, but it is one strategy that can certainly work. There are three core strategies that you can employ to increase website traffic and they all carry their own special challenges. You may find some easier than others, but using all three together will be most effective.

The first strategy to increase website traffic is to increase your type-in or bookmarked traffic. This type of traffic includes people who have already been to your site or have heard about it offline. In order for you to increase this category of traffic, the core ingredient will be substance. Why do people return to a website on a daily, weekly or monthly basis? They return because you offer something they want. They either want to purchase another of your quality products, read another of your enticing articles or make use of an otherwise valuable resource. These are the things that entice people to bookmark your website, remember your URL or tell others about your website. This means that you're going to have to invest times and effort to ensure that your website is a top quality site where people will want to return.

Aside from having quality content that will serve your users, another key to bringing in type-in traffic is to have a good URL. You want to have a URL that people will be able to remember easily, type into their browser with a low likelihood of typos and most important of all, be able to tell a friend in a casual conversation.

If you have a good URL and good quality content on your website, you're a good candidate to use traditional marketing media. This means printed media, radio ads, even TV ads. The return on investment tends to be lower with these types of offline advertising techniques when compared to online advertising, but when used properly, they can bring in more traffic and help you build legitimacy for your brand. Building a brand is a discussion well beyond the scope of this article, but you should know that if your intent is to build a brand, it is a significant undertaking and will affect many of the decisions you will make with regards to issues discussed herein.

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