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Seven Things You Can't Say On The Web - Part 2

October 20, 2004

5 - Click Here

This text is often used to display a link. The problem with this is that people have to read a lot of extra information to put the link into context. Take the following example:

To see a web cam in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Click Here.

And compare it to

You can visit the following link to see a web cam in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

You need to read the entire sentence in the first example, but in the second, you don't need to remember the specific context of the sentence to understand where the link will take you.

6 - High Bandwidth/Low Bandwidth or Frames/No Frames

This is forcing extra choices upon the user. If there's something people hate to do, it's making choices when they don't have to. These types of choices usually reside on a splash page which does nothing to help the user except present them with yet another choice before they can get to that which they seek.

Have a look at your statistics. I think you'll find that many people never make it past your first page. This is relatively normal, but you will lose more if the first page to your site offers no initial value as most every splash page does.

7 - Text Only Version

If you've properly written your page, you shouldn't need a text only version. A properly coded page will be viewed equally across all browsers, including text browsers. This feature is important for fundamental accessibility and also to make certain that search engine robots will be able to crawl your website.

Keeping basic usability in mind when you design pages is extremely important as it expands your potential audience and it decreases that number of people that will come to your site and have an unpleasant experience.

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